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If you have a good ebay seller account read it below and contact me then

Hi there, I am here to have a partner to sell some products for me on his eBay account. The products I want to sell are digital software and Premium accounts. All of them are having license keys and serials. My partnership is simple. I will send you the product titles, and descriptions, as well as pictures or maybe I, will send you a similar posting from another, and you will copy and paste the info from that listing. My products start from 1-150 USD When you list and when someone buys then you will send me the buyer PayPal email. I will send him the product directly, and if he has any issue, the buyer will communicate with me. Even, if he sends you the message, you will tell him to check his PayPal email and reply there. Also, if he disagrees, then we will communicate with him through eBay. When we male a sale we will continue our business. I want every week to get paid. You will send me money to my PayPal or anywhere you can. In our sale, we will pay the eBay fee as well as PayPal…